Actually Using AI in Vet Med

Nobody invited me to any of the recent summits, roundtables, or other prestigious get togethers aimed at figuring how to use artificial intelligence in veterinary practice. That being said, I've experienced

The Goose

Limericks are traditional drinking songs from England (they're not actually Irish!). In their purest form, they should be obscene. Even better if they violate taboos. I didn't know any

New Yorker Rejects #5

It's been yet another month of rejected cartoons. But don't pity me, dear Sis or Brosquatch. I'm having fun and wasting time and effort on a nonlucrative

Thrown Over the Fence

It's so annoying to not be able to figure something out. My job as a veterinarian is to answer questions correctly. In school, we're drilled over and over again