Links to Stuff

Fauna Cartoon

Strange musings on the natural world. I started this a long time ago between undergrad and vet school. I think, in general, that if you don't get them you either (1) know too little about animals, (2) know too much about animals, (3) or they're just not funny. Don't worry, I don't get some of them! Featured in the Kitsap Sun!

Science Based Medicine

I wrote a handful of columns before I got way too busy with being a post-COVID veterinarian and having two little kids. This blog was always a great resource to me and I wanted to add a little from the animal side of things. Credit to Mark Crislip for being my inspiration.

Louie's Little Lessons

A series of children's books that I've illustrated. We're currently at eight stories of this plucky little pachyderm. I was very fortunate to have my cousin, a gifted creative and organizer, think of me as an illustrator when she decided to launch the series.

Some of my visual art. Lots of sasquatches.

Triskaidekaphilia Productions

Some (frankly) pretty weird veterinary-themed videos I made with some very talented classmates between 2009-2013.