The Brave Little Stump

Create the cover of a children's book about a plucky little tree stump who overcomes adversity. I wrote this prompt for DALLE, hoping to see what generative artificial intelligence could do.

The Osprey

With determination fueled by adrenaline, I approached the bedraggled osprey, ready to perform an impromptu rescue, only to find myself outsmarted by a grand display of avian defiance: a majestic aerial departure punctuated by a poignant avian "gift."

The Story of Louie

Follow the hilarious journey of two cousins navigating the world of children's book publishing, filled with burritos, bad jokes, and elephants

Bad Kid's Books

Parent or not, you've probably experienced the repetition of children's books. Here's a veterinarian's humorous take on some classics

On Perfection (and Rambling)

Welcome to Sasquatch Paw, where I dump my creative overflow as a vet-illustrator who loves the ocean, sasquatch, and more