Ahhh, Those Dreamy Vet Techs...

Ahhh, Those Dreamy Vet Techs...

Okay, settle your horses. Seriously, it's very dangerous being around unsettled horses. Maybe some xylazine? No wait, is that on back order or something? I don't know, I'm not a horse person (see my vet school commencement speech 1:55 in).

I'm not talking dreamy as in hot. Go to Instagram for that (#doIlookgoodcoveredincatpee?). I'm talking about working with people who make your job a dream! My heart flutters when I think about working with these amazing professionals: the miracle worker who casually pops a 20g IV catheter into a shriveled up 23-year, 2.3 lb. Calico. I hear angels sing when a nurses catches one of my (bajillion) boneheaded mistakes and points out a feasible solution.

The point is: I love good vet techs! With compassion for animals as boundless as the rolls on a pug's forehead, with professionalism matching the highest heights of that 23 year old cat's creatinine value, they truly are a treasure.

I've worked with some of the best in the business. I'm quite sure of it. Whether on the East Coast or the West, phenomenal, magical people practiced in the arts of blood draws, radiographic positioning, patient handling, practice workflow, anesthetic monitoring, client communication, work life balance, surf technique, and partying like a rock star. I've learned from them all.

Yeah, there were a bunch of bungling doctors along the way too, but if you really want to know what's happening in the clinic, grab a stack of paper towels and a spray bottle of Quatricide, and pay attention to the nurses.

Did I say "nurses"?! I don't want to stumble into controversy here, but I think of them as nurses. That's what they are. Where's the controversy? All I know is that my human nurse friends (i.e. humans who are veterinary technicians for humans) didn't seem to mind calling veterinary nurses "nurses", and most veterinary nurses seem to prefer the term "nurse". I don't mind calling whatever they want really. Make your best effort to address people how they prefer to be addressed, right? But hey, I'm from Portland.

Nomenclature aside, I just want to say thank you to the fantastic nurse/techs I've worked with over the years. There's nothing better than working in great teams, and I'm so appreciate of the patience and respect you've shown this (very flawed) veterinarian. Thanks for your kindness, your patient advocacy, your wisdom, and your brilliant insights that you make me feel like are my ideas!

It's National Vet Tech Week this week, and in lieu of a box of donuts– although I do hope you get plenty, and get sick of them so I can mop things up– I'm writing you an admiration limerick and drawing you a cartoon (see above, and below!):

Tech Tok - by Greg Bishop

Allow please, this 'preciative verse,
For the greats whose paths I've traversed
Though unfairly low paid
For unglamorous trade
I love me a good vet'rinary nurse!

Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop

A veterinarian with unquenchable creative impulses. Unquenchable? Hmmm... creative "tendencies"? Well, it depends on how well I slept last night. Also a writer, illustrator and whatever-elser.