A Very Veterinary Christmas Album

A Very Veterinary Christmas Album
This product made almost completely from carcinogens.

I was rooting around at an old vet clinic the other day and I came across an old vinyl album under some expired bottles of halothane. What a treat! It had all the Christmas classics, reimagined through the magic of veterinary medicine. I haven’t been able to find digital copies of the tracks, so I can’t share links, but you can imagine how fun they are just from this cover art!

Here’s the A side tracks: 

Seizure Bells
Dock The Balls
We Wish You Had Insurance
Frothy the Rabies Suspect
Chest Mets Growing in an Old Pinscher
Lance Yourself a Hairy Little Abscess

And the B side:

O Student Debt
It’s the Most Underpaid Job in the World
Euthanasia Are Coming to Town
Fleas on Your Dog
Did You Make a Blood Smear?
Have a Howell Jolly Body

And there was even an insert with photos of Christmas in the Vet Clinic from back in the day. What fun! But no diversity!

Cats, ribbons, tinsel, hooray!
"Marge, be a doll and fetch my martini..."
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